Quem não ADORA ver o pôr-do-sol?

Who doesn't LOVE watching the sunset?

Since we opened the dreamplacesbyrita.com store, we have been working on various themes for our digital products in order to help you on your journey through the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo.

And to begin with, nothing better than the SUNSET theme!
Who doesn't like it, on that side?

Well, Rita took care of doing the research, investigation and selection of the best spots to recommend the best experience to live in a sunset , in Madeira and Porto Santo. Result? 30 wonderful and memorable places for the event itself, whether solo or accompanied and recommending taking a camera, drone, cell phone, anything that can help capture these moments.

Therefore, the heading " 30 Unmissable Places to Watch the Sunset in Madeira" was created. And as we were already looking forward to launching it, we decided to divide this report into 3 volumes, filled with a lot of useful information, maps, qrcodes with direct access to your gps, history and many, many photographs! Plus, versions in Portuguese and English.

Today, the date of this post, the third and final volume of this sunsets saga was released, which has been divided by municipalities in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, being distributed in this way:

Volume 1:

  • Funchal (4 spots)
  • Câmara de Lobos (3 spots)
  • Ribeira Brava (3 spots)

Volume 2:

  • Ponta do Sol (3 spots)
  • Calheta (4 spots)
  • Sao Vicente (2 spots)
  • Machico (1 spot)

Volume 3:

  • Porto Moniz (2 spots)
  • Santana (2 spots)
  • Santa Cruz (2 spots)
  • Porto Santo (4 spots)

We are proud to have completed this goal! For us, but above all for you, as we want you to have the best experience at these times and in the best places that the Madeira Archipelago can offer you.

We count on you on this adventure.

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