Pico Alto, Funchal, Madeira © Roberto Ramos

Be welcome!

It is with great pleasure that I am present at the e-commerce , especially on the platform Shopify , where I will expose my long-awaited e-books that I have wanted to launch in my store since I started out as a Digital Content Creator on social networks, such as @dreamplacesbyrita .

And I start with a treat for you, a free e-book about my personal/professional journey so far and, always, in two separate versions (Portuguese and English). And this, because I also want to make myself known to you and also talk about my future projects to be sold here on the platform Shopify .

This is, without a doubt, a huge novelty for me, were it not for my partner/companion, Roberto ( @lifestyler.pt ), who supports me so much to invest in digital products, collaborating with me in the photographic part and in design (from now on, my eternal gratitude for believing in my worth).

As I mentioned before, I started on social networks, specifically on Instagram, promoting my land, the islands of Madeira and Porto Santo, which make up the Madeira Archipelago, and which have so much to show and offer to those who visit us. And therefore, there will be several themes that I will address in several e-books to get to know the one that was considered the Best Island Destination in the World 2022 for the World Travel Awards , in the last quarter of 2022.

And the first topic to be addressed is?

"30 Unmissable Places to Watch the Sunset in Madeira"

This is an e-book with 30 wonderful places to see the sunset here in Madeira, divided into 3 volumes (10 spots each volume), I confess that it was difficult to select this top 30, as there are so many places that Madeira offers to witness this spectacular moment.

Each volume will have details of each place, with eye-popping photographic illustrations, qr codes to direct to your gps, coordinates, illustrative maps, etc.

You will also find, inside the e-book , a link that will take you to give access to some little extras that were made for you: printable pdf note templates so you can write down your adventures and details and pdf checklist , whether for digital filling, or to print, so you can record every detail and even classify your favorite sites suggested in this e-book .

The first volume will be released now , along with my free e-book ("My First E-Book" ), with the remaining two (volumes 2 and 3) to be released between the end of February and mid-March 2023 .

I hope you like it as much as I do!
And I look forward to your feedback too!

A hug from Madeira.


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